Are Indonesian people friendly?

I've met only one or maybe two unfriendly Indonesian people, and even those came across as more desperate than truly unfriendly. My experience is that Indonesian people would rather smile than work, and would rather do most anything than start conflict. Of course, it's the world's fourth-most-populated nation, with thousands of islands, of which I've seen only three.

I've been told that when Indonesian people snap, they snap. In a blink it goes from everything being all OK, to somebody getting stabbed. Maybe that explains the vacant eyes, subtle smile, and large machete on the Rp 1,000 note. In the United States, it's no different, except that maybe nobody is smiling at the beginning, and at the end maybe you're getting shot instead of stabbed.

(To be fair, the machete in Indonesia is used to clear fields, not kill people.)

Rp 1,000