Views of Yangshuo, China

Yangshuo is a beautiful place, full of karst, which I had never even heard of until arriving here. Karst are the steep, narrow, mountain-like formations seen in the backgrounds below.

The view from my room in Yangshuo: ¥80 RMB per night ($12-13 USD).

The view from a local hostel's rooftop bar, where you can drink snake's blood, or something like that; there are dead snakes coiled up in a glass jar made to store drinks, although it was unclear from the broken English on the sign what exactly was being served.

The ¥20 RMB note in China features Yangshuo as seen from the Li River. You can see the karst in the background. There are many local guides here in Yangshuo offering raft tours. It was seeing a photo of the ¥20 RMB note online that inspired me to come here in the first place.