Shooting film while traveling

Shooting film instead of digital is a bit of hassle, but when I get a roll of film developed I'm reminded how much more I enjoy using my Leica MP than any digital camera I've ever used.

The hassle of shooting film while traveling is not in the taking of the photos themselves, but in the logistics of processing film and managing negatives. The Leica MP film camera is actually by far the easiest camera I have ever used, and although the medium-format Rolleiflex TLR film camera has a steeper learning curve, it is for the most part easy to operate and fun (but also impractical).

Rolleiflex: Ivy with my Rolleiflex TLR (Type V Automat, MX-EVS) with f/3.5 Tessar lens: It has been difficult for me to find a place in Taipei that develops and scans 120 film; I've read that there are many options but I struck out at two different Fuji labs, with one of them processing the film but cropping the scans, which defeats the purpose of shooting 120 film in the first place. Both of the next two photos were taken with the Rolleiflex pictured above, and therefore should be square not rectangular photos.

Rolleiflex: Taiwanese woman playing around with my Leica MP, my favorite of any camera I've ever used. Both this photo and the the next one were taken with a medium-format Rolleiflex TLR, but the lab cropped the scans, 35mm-style; they should be square photos.

Rolleiflex: Ivy holding the Leica MP (shot using Rolleiflex TLR) used to take most of the photographs posted on my blog, including all of the photos below.

Leica MP: Family outside of Yuanshan metro station in Taipei.

Leica MP: Old man in Xinzhuang.

Leica MP: Old woman in Xinzhuang.

Leica MP: Taiwanese girls, photographed using manual focus and no viewfinder, currently my favorite approach to taking photographs.

Leica MP: Bicycles at Taiwan National University in Tapei.