Party at English language school

Yesterday evening Matthieu and I were stopped by some girls who invited us to an English-language-school party. Basically it was some sort of celebration of the end of one of their programs, and they combed the street inviting every foreigner they could find. We didn't think much of it, but Yangshuo is small so a few hours later we were wandering the streets after dinner and we stumbled upon the same party.

We went inside out of curiosity. We spent about two hours there, mostly writing things in English for the students, and also posing for photographs. After a few minutes it started to feel like we were movie stars or something. We probably posed for 300 or more photos. When we weren't posing for photographs, the students were handing us journals asking us to write them something in English: nothing specific, just write something, anything, in English, they said.

The girls giggled and the guys would say, So cool, so cool!

There was plenty of karaoke, and by the end of the party I'd agreed to sign on stage if they found my favorite karaoke song, but I agreed only because I didn't expect them to have the song with the accompanying lyrics, but they tracked it down: "Against All Odds," by Phil Collins.

The girl who invited us to the party. I have no idea what her name is, because I'm not sure we ever asked, and I also have no idea if she knows what her hat means.

One of the teachers at the school. I want to say her name is Lo Wu, but I know I'm getting her name confused with the Lo Wu metro station in Hong Kong; either way, I remember her name includes either Lo or Wu, and if you can read Chinese the small characters to the left include her signature. She told me the large character in the center is the Chinese character for Dragon, and although it resembles the traditional Chinese character for Dragon that I've seen elsewhere, it doesn't match exactly, although let's be honest: Who are you going to trust, me or her? She was painting the Dragon character for many different people, remarking that it was a very lucky and important creature in Chinese culture (which is to say, she didn't paint me Dragon because I asked for it, but rather because it was the only character on the calligraphy menu last night).