Hong Kong: light show, Star Ferry

Every night by Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong there is a light show, "For the tourists."

Being a tourist, I figured why not, especially since I could enjoy the light show from the comfort of the Hong Kong Star Ferry, which costs a whopping $2.50 HKD (less than 35 cents) and runs from Kowloon Peninsula to Hong Kong Island (both are technically Hong Kong; think of it like New York City and its five buroughs: Brooklyn isn't Manhattan but it's New York).

I've been staying on Kowloon Peninsula, which contrary to my first impression is actually where most of the action appears to be. I think Hong Kong Island is more of a financial district, with less in the way of secular action (with business being, here in Hong Kong, one with religion).

There are tour groups that will take ten or twenty bucks for an hour-long ferry ride around the bay, but with the public ferry you'll see the same things for far less. But don't get too excited about the light show: It doesn't add much to the already beautiful view.

I ended up going to Wang Chai instead of Central, but both of those ferries depart from essential the same location.

$2.50 HKD ( about 32 cents) one-way.

Waiting for the ferry to depart.

The ferry employee prepares to do something manually.

The ferry employee does something manually.

I decided not to board the ferry and wait another 12 minutes for the next ferry, which departed at eight o'clock in the evening, exactly the same time the daily light show over Victoria Harbour begins.

Although I was content to wait, she was not content to wait. (Yes, she caught the ferry.)

Little girl, being awesome and curious.

The ferry being this empty during the light show should have tipped me off to the fact that the light show is really not all that interesting. But it didn't matter, because the ferry ride across Victoria Harbour is beautiful regardless, and even if the extra lights weren't all that impressive, it's not like they made the ride any worse.

View from the night ferry from Kowloon Peninsula to Hong Kong Island.