Getting married in China

While at the Yao minority village in Huangluo, I participated in a traditional wedding ceremony, which proceeded roughly as follows: choosing your wife by stepping on her foot, a sign of your love for a woman; brides singing for grooms; brides and grooms dancing together, followed by the women, all of them, not just brides, pinching the butts of the grooms, a sign of a woman's love for a man, and of course the harder the pinch the stronger the love; a rice-smashing ceremony where grooms prepare food for the celebration; grooms singing individually to their brides; drinking village liquor together, two shots, one with your arms intertwined, as shown, and the second with your drinking arm wrapped around your partner's head; exchange of gifts, done back-to-back; grooms carrying their brides, on their backs, off to privacy while the rest of the women from the village try to push you away, preventing you from leaving the ceremony.

My Chinese wife.

Rice-smashing ceremony.

Singing to my bride; photo courtesy of another woman in the village, who borrowed my camera (same goes for the two photos below).

Drinking the first of two shots of traditional village liquor.

Trying to escape the stage with my new wife.