Food stalls at Shilin Night Market

The Shilin Night Market in Taipei is perhaps the most famous night market in all of Taiwan. In addition to food kiosks and restaurants, there are arcades, games, toys, clothes, shoes, and thousands of Taiwanese people of all ages, including many children in school uniforms, and college kids. The market gets started in the late afternoon and stays open until well past midnight.

Shilin Night Market is known for its "stinky tofu," seen deep-fried on the right (also available steamed).

More stinky tofu at Taipei's Shilin Night Market.

Fresh fruit is also widely available at night markets, as are clothes, shoes, toys, and just about anything else you can think of that can be sold from a kiosk.

Large cups of fresh papaya for ~$1.75 USD.

I tried to figure out what exactly this was, but the only thing I confirmed for sure is that it was not ice cream. If I had to take a guess, I'd say it was some sort of mixture of rice, seafood and cabbage.

At night markets in Taipei you can find most anything for sale on a stick, including (of course) meats and animal parts.

Engrish: "Roasts the chicken," for about $1 USD.

Pick whatever you want to have deep fried, throw it in the basket, and in a few minutes you've got deep-fried whatever.

People of all ages work the food kiosks at Shilin Night Market, but the easiest work seems to be reserved for cute girls, who sell juice; maybe 50 years ago this woman sold juice at one of the more than 500 food stalls.

Night market juice girl at Shilin Night Market in Taipei.

It wasn't fair of me to categorically say selling juice is the easiest job, not if you're the one who has to juice all the fresh fruit. Is it OK to use juice as a verb?
A young girl helps work the kiosk, managing the dough for the large dumplings, handing over a fresh ball every few seconds.

At Shinlin Night Market, considered to be Taipei's largest night market, deep-friend treats come in many shapes, including pigeons and pistols.

Candied strawberries on a stick, along with what I think might be candied tomatoes on a stick.