First impressions of Yangshuo

At first glance Yangshuo is pretty cool: The streets have what feels to me like a European flair, and of course most of the people are Chinese; it is like a strange Eurasian city in the middle of nature.

The hotels are cheap. I had breakfast with Matt, the French guy I met on the train, and afterward we searched for a place to sleep. Our first choice of accommodation was booked for tonight (we booked rooms there tomorrow) but we found a backup spot, right in the center of everything. We paid about $15 USD each for a private room with AC, Internet (albeit limited by censorship) and free towels and tea. It's clean (all things considered) and has nice wooden floors. You could find places even cheaper (maybe $5 USD) if you are willing to share a room.

While eating breakfast I spotted one of my favorite things about Asia so far: Asians with unnecessary umbrellas. In Korea I noticed that even after it stopped raining people would still carry umbrellas with the ground still wet, and here you can see three or four umbrellas used for sun protection, the umbrellas still held high even in full shade.

Asians with umbrellas in the shade.