Chungking Mansions, Apple Hostel, Hong Kong

Chungking Mansions is a weird, weird place. I've read that it's one of the most ethnically diverse places in the world, with perhaps a hundred or more different ethnicities walking the building's shops and hallways. In general the people are a bit aggressive: buy this, look at this, what you want, I got everything, good price, best in Hong Kong, where you from, I got what you need.

So far the most common sales pitches have been for hashish or other drugs, fake Rolexes or watches in general, and custom-tailored suits and shirts.

Every declined offer is followed up with, What you want?

Peace and quiet is not for sale at Chungking Mansions. But there are buttered noodles.

On the 10th floor of B block is Apple Hostel, where I was greeted warmly with an unexpected invite to dine with the staff, tonight a staff of one, who insisted I call her Mama. She has worked at Chungking Mansions (which has dozens of hostels and guest houses, plus shops and apartments) for somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 years.

We ate buttered noodles with egg.