Chinese and English names: 大龍

Many if not most Taiwanese people have adopted English names in addition to their traditional Chinese names. While I prefer trying to learn somebody's real name, or at least here it once, they are admittedly quite difficult at times, especially when you are hearing more than one new name at a time. Some are easier than others, but rarely are they as easy to remember as, say, Amy, Ivy, Stevie, Sam, or the other American names I've heard since arriving in Taipei.

Ivy offered me a Chinese name: 大龍, which means Big Dragon and is pronounced Dà lóng. She chose the name after asking me if I wanted something that just sounds cool, or if I wanted something that has personal meaning, to which I replied that my dog Dragon is a Chinese breed so perhaps I should be called Dragon's Father. [Big (大) is more fraternal than paternal.] I then chose a name for Dragon, including a family name (Lee): 李小龍, Little Dragon Lee, pronounced Lǐ Xiǎolóng, which I later learned is exactly the same as Bruce Lee's full Chinese name (Lǐ Xiǎolóng).