Cheap accommodation in China

I had planned on spending tonight in Longsheng, at Ping An, a village full of rice terraces, but I decided against it because there were too many villagers pushing souvenirs in my face, which combined with my tiredness after climbing the terraces, made the village feel too cramped.

Instead I returned to Yangshuo, where I arrived to learn that my room had been rented out to another traveler. So I'm sharing a room with two older Chinese men, about whom I know nothing because they speak no English and I speak no Chinese, beyond a few simple words or phrases, and even those I know more in theory than in practice. The total cost for a clean bed, and clean and relatively modern bathroom: 25 元, less than four dollars ($3.85 USD) for the night.

That's cheaper than the wedding gift (40 元) I bought for my Yao bride in Huangluo.