Best curry in Chungking Mansions (Pakistani Mess)

I stopped three Hong Kong policemen to ask where I could find the best Chinese food in Hong Kong, to which they replied (seriously): "You want the best food in Hong Kong? Go to Chungking Mansions and get the curry. It is very famous in Hong Kong, the curry at Chungking Mansions."

So after leaving Chungking Mansions to find the best food in Hong Kong, I returned to Chungking Mansions and ate the best Indian food I've ever had in my life. When I returned to the Mansions, I had to ask around for a recommendation because there are so many places offering curry, at least five that I spotted, and more likely that number is in double-digits.

Menu for Pakistani Mess, fourth floor of C Block (Chungking Mansions).

The menu, plus my tasty mango lassi.

My chicken vindaloo with garlic naan was so spicy that I had to order a second mango lassi while I pretended not to be overwhelmed by the heat. The waiter told me, Eat spicy food and you will be able to fuck a thousand times! Not exactly the conversation I had in mind for taking my first bite. He then proceeded to tell me that I should drink alcohol instead of mango lassi, that tattoos are dangerous, that American women are no good, that Filipino women are the best, and lastly that I shouldn't visit India but instead should visit China's mainland and then return to Hong Kong so he and I can hang out together. He refused my tip, and told me to come again soon.