Yongmeori (Dragon's Head) Coast; Jeju-do, South Korea

Yongmeori Coast is on the southwestern shoreline of Jeju Island. These unique cliff formations include hidden sea caves and plenty of unique places where you can wander safely, so long as you watch your step. Sometimes the formations drop unexpectedly into the sea, and there are also ponds with water so still you might accidentally walk right into them should your eyes be wandering elsewhere, an entirely plausible scenario considering the scenery.

The Yongmeori Coast entrance, where you descend from the top of those cliffs down toward the water, on steps carved out of the volcanic rock that makes up the coastline.

One of the many Korean women who manage impromptu seaside restaurants, where they catch fresh sea animals to sell to passersby. The foods are either eaten raw or cooked over a fire.

A view of the coast in one direction.

A local fisherwoman near the end of her working day.

One of the local restaurants tucked into the cliffs, and above one of the ponds you may fall into if you're not careful. The waters are clear enough to easily spot fish and other sea life.

The same restaurant but from a different view.

A view of the coast in the other direction.

While on my way home but still near the coast, I walked by a more permanent restaurant on land. I was immediately invited to join in the fun: drinking shots of soju and eating raw octopus, one of which I enjoyed more than the other (take a guess). The women are Korean tourists from Incheon, and the man at the head of the table was their hired driver who lived on the island.