Seokbulsa Temple (Stone Buddha Temple)

Seokbulsa Temple (Stone Buddha Temple) is a tucked away gem in Busan, South Koea. It is relatively accessible but not necessarily easily found. It is about an hour on foot from the cable car at Geumgang Park, on Mount Geumjeong (Geumjeongsan). When you reach Geumgang Park, ask for a map to Seokbulsa; otherwise you are unlikely to find it.

The temple itself is carved out of the rock on the top of the mountain. There are also numerous large Buddha statues carved into the rock. When you do find the temple and you ascend to the top of its cramped quarters, this is your view.

An offering for Buddha.

To reach this final small statue of Buddha, you must squeeze through a tight opening that may not be possible if you are overweight, and certainly will not be possible if you are obese.

Because of the cramped quarters, it was impossible to take a photograph that included the entire temple. You would need a lens that was 21mm or wider (35mm equivalent). This was taken with a ~50mm (35mm equivalent) Rolleiflex TLR (75mm). Notice the Buddha carved on the right wall. There are about a dozen similar carvings in this immediate area.

The use of the swastika in Asia is still quite common for Buddhists, and it predates Hitler by a couple thousand years.