Seogwipo Harbor, Seogwipo City; Jeju Island, South Korea

Seogwipo Harbor is centrally located in Seogwipo-si (Seogwipo City) on the southernmost part of Jeju-do, the South Korean autonomous province island in the Korean Strait.

Here in the early morning the fishing boat on the right prepares for its day at sea.

He spoke almost no English but kept trying to tell me something about Colorado. We are standing on Saeyeon-gyo (Saeyeon Bridge), which connects Seogwipo Harbor with Saeseom Island.

A view from the end of the harbor, toward what I believe is Beomseom, an uninhabited andesite (volcanic rock) island. Beomseom is known for being the place where the Koreans put an end to decades of Mongolian rule during the thirteenth century.

Notice that the lighting on today's Korean fishing boats on Jeju Island is still provided by crudely wired lightbulbs housed in fragile glass enclosures.

A view from a coastal path back toward the harbor and specifically Saeyeon Bridge, a pedestrian footbridge that is known for its beauty at night.

The same coastal path from a different vantage point, from the harbor out toward the sea.

That is Saeyeon Bridge on the left. In the distance behind the jetty you can see Saeseom Island, one of the many small volcanic islands surrounding Jeju Island, itself also volcanic.

A view of the sea, out toward what I believe is Beomseom.