Russian bus stops, buses and minibuses

One of the nicer buses in Russia, this first photo was taken in Ulan-Ude or maybe Irkutsk; either way, it is eastern Siberia, where it costs about 12 рубли́ ($0.43 USD) to ride the bus.

This next bus was spotted near city center, not too far from the Chinese market, in Ulan-Ude.

If I had to guess I'd say this was in Ulan-Ude. This is a medium-sized average bus in Russia.

Inside one of the minibuses in the suburbs of Ulan-Ude. Most of the Russian buses do not have this much going on with the interior. Usually they are pretty standard, drab and dirty interiors.

The "10" sign at the front of the bus, above the driver, means it is 10 рубли́ ($0.37 USD) to ride.

These next two are from the main bus depot in the Russian Far East port city of Vladivostok.

A lonely bus stop on Olkhon Island in eastern Siberia. The graffiti advertises an "Olkhon" to "Irkutsk" taxi service (Ольхон Ирку́тск) but the phone number has been painted over.