McDonald's in South Korea

When in a new country I like to visit McDonald's at least once, admittedly usually more, even though I don't often eat fast food in the United States. McDonald's abroad is interesting because they make an effort to localize the menu in culturally relevant ways. In Korea they serve bugolgi burgers. Bugolgi refers to the way the meat is prepared and served, as opposed to the type of meat itself. That having been said, at McDonald's in Korea the bulgolgi burgers are beef, as is usually the case with all bugolgi, although it can also be chicken or pork.

This photo was taken at McDonald's in Seoul or Busan. I can't remember which city, but I do remember the film was scanned with a low-quality DIY 35mm scanner (Wolverine F2D-300).

Wait, I do remember. This was Seoul. I am sure of it. Seoul, Seoul, Seoul.