Jjimjilbangs on Jeju Island (Jeju-do)

There are at least three jjimjilbangs on Jeju-do, and probably more, but in Seogwipo-si (the city on the southern part of the island) I believe there is only one. The other two of which I know are in Jeju-si (Jeju City), so when you are on the northern part of the island you'll have a choice.

World Cup Spa Land, Seogwipo-si (southern Jeju-do): 10,000 won, the most expensive of the three jjimjilbangs I've stayed at in South Korea (one in Donghae, two on Jeju-do). This jjimjilbang is nothing special, but it is easy to find (inside the concourse of the World Cup Stadium, second floor) and is centrally located in Seogwipo-si, near all of Jeju-do's major waterfalls, which are all relatively close together. You will have no difficulty seeing all the waterfalls in one day; even half a day is probably enough. I don't know the phone number, but there is no reason to call ahead.

Tapdong Jjimjilbang, Jeju-si (northern Jeju-do): On the top floor of a large complex about a five-minute walk, west, of the Jeju Seaside Concert Hall, right by the water. Only 7,000 won but the sleeping facilities were not quite as comfortable as the others where I've stayed. There are no sleeping pads, only blankets, and in the main sleeping room the lights were kept on all night. If I came to Jeju-si again, I'd probably try Yongduam Haesu Land. If you have trouble finding this place, call 064-758-4800 or look confused and say, Tapdong jjimjilbang, to any nearby Korean.

Yongduam Haesu Land, Jeju-si (northern Jeju-do): I've never been, but I am told it is adjacent to Yongdam Park, which may or may not be spelled slightly differently than Yongduam Haesu Land. Sometimes there are typos on maps transliterated to English, and sometimes there are just alternate spellings. Yesterday a Korean spelled jjimjilbang for me as zzim zilbang. 064-711-4472.