Haeundae-gu (Haeundae Beach)

Haeundae-gu is home to Haeundae Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Korea. It takes its name from a ninth-century scholar, Choi Chi-won, whose literary names included Haeun (Sea and Clouds) and Goun (Lonely Cloud). Apparently he was enamored with Haeundae and some of his calligraphy, engraved on a rock at Haeundae, still exists today.

Today Haeundae is home to many foreigners living in Busan, but Hye-Yeong (below) lives in Miryang, which is in between Busan and Daegu. Miryang is widely known for a Korean folk song, Arirang, that is considered by some to be the unofficial national anthem of Korea. Arirang is an ancient Korean word with no modern translation.

From the Haeundae metro station, this is one of the streets approaching the beach.

Some office workers on the same street take a lunch break. Or maybe they were university students. After we said goodbye they went to eat some ice cream, that much I do remember.

This is Sunrise Market in Haeundae-gu. Like any market in Korea, this is a great place to buy cheap ankle socks with cartoon designs. You can of course also buy live seafood, not only fish but also eels and octopus. Those seem to be Korean staples: live seafood and ankle socks.

These guys were somewhat intoxicated. The one in the middle said his American name is Kenny and that he is a 40-year-old neurosurgeon. I hope he was not performing surgery that day.

Once again, Hye-Yeong, the girl from Miryangm, pointing at I don't know what. There was a bit of a language barrier and I think maybe she was confused. Behind her is Haeundae Beach, of course.