Geumgang Park, Geumjeongsan; Busan, South Korea

Geumjeongsan (Mount Geumjeong) in Busan is the city's most popular hiking destination. The top of the mountain offers hours of great hiking, and it can be reached from the cable car in Geumgang Park at the base of the mountain. Your best bet is to get off at Oncheonjang metro station and then walk, but it can be difficult to find so make sure you have your destination written in Korean so you can show it to a local and ask for help if necessary. There is also a beautiful stone temple (Seokbulsa Temple : Stone Buddha Temple) at the summit; however, it is difficult to find without directions so make sure you ask for a map (available in English) at the information center at the bottom of Geumgang Park.

These are what I think might be rhododendrons, drowning in a sea of browns and greens.

One of the many trails on Geumjeongsan.

The older generation of Koreans loves to hike. There are many more Korean hikers over the age of 50 than under the age of 30. Many are in impressive shape and make it higher on the mountain than you otherwise might expect. I'm going to chalk this up to the helping hand of Buddha. This is approaching the fortress walls on Geumjeongsan.

And old man rests his feet after a day of hiking.

There is a small rural community tucked away on the Geumjeong mountainside. It is called Sanseongmaeul (산성마을). They are most likely responsible for running the occasional restaurant catering to hikers. In Sanseongmaeul, they are known for their barbecued goat meat. I didn't eat any Korean BBQ on this day. It was too warm for hot food.