Animals on Jeju Island (Jeju-do)

Thanks to its volcanic history, Jeju Island is known for its unique flora; however, there are some nice animals too, including the Korean Jeju dog, a rare breed known for hunting and loyalty.

This is a Siberian Roe Deer, which thanks to my wide-angle lens appears farther away than he actually was. He was remarkably calm and held my eye contact for nearly a minute before returning to his food. Only when I crunched some twigs with my shoes did he get spooked.

I spotted this deer while exiting the Geomunoreum Lava Tube System.

Korean Jeju and/or Jindo dog, spotted only a kilometer or so from the Siberian Roe Deer.

These horses live on southwestern Jeju-do, near Yongmeori (Dragon's Head) Coast.