Taejongdae Yeongdo-gu; Busan, South Korea

Here are a couple of photos from Taejongdae Yeongdo-gu, which if I recall correctly is a small day-trip tourist island near Busan city central. The white spots in the first photo are dust on the negative, so if and when I print this photo I'll have to make sure I clean the negative first.

This photo was taken from a similar location, but looking in a different direction. I think that might be Busan city central in the distance. Down by the rocks and the water's edge you can see a small fishing community where old Korean women balance large buckets of live fish on their heads. If you are a bit adventurous, you can climb down the rocks to get a better view. Be careful, though, because the rocks can be slippery and even icy depending on the weather.