Snowing today in Moscow

That is the weather report, and actually as quickly as I could write "snowing today in Moscow," it stopped snowing. It took me a month to reach Moscow from the easternmost port city of Vladivostok, and the temperature has been below zero day and night for that entire time, with snow and ice on the ground always, but the truth is I have only ever seen it snowing maybe five or six times. Most of the snow falls in Russia in December and January, I've heard, and by February it is too cold to snow. I didn't even know that was possible, too cold to snow.

I have made jokes about the dangers of winter driving in Russia (i.e. using safety icons instead of seatbelts) but two days ago my friend Dmitry in Vladivostok was in a car crash, and one of the passengers is now in a coma, so even if it is not icy where you live, please be careful on the roads, and wear your seatbelt even if the dashboard is already full of religious icons.