Saint Petersburg vs. Moscow

Moscow is simultaneously probably the most and least Russian city of all. If forced to choose I would say it is the least Russian city of all, since the majority of Russia seems to have nothing in common with Moscow, the same way the majority of America is completely unlike New York City.

By comparison Saint Petersburg is cleaner and more welcoming, with wider streets and a European buzz about its way. There are even signs on Metro doors pleading riders to hold the door open for the person behind them. Frankly I am surprised the signs were written in both English and Cyrillic, because I wouldn't have thought the Russian language had the words to express such a sentiment.

Moscow is bigger, dirtier and its citizens focused on making that money, which is exactly what we pushed on them during the Cold War, no? To each his own, sink or swim, pull yourself up by your bootstraps and chase that dollar. I promise you Moscow listened with both ears. With the exception of what Moscow has indoors (i.e. museums and culture) I'm not sure why you'd ever need to see the city for more than 45 minutes, which in a way makes it a lot like Philadelphia, I suppose.