Rolleiflex: double (multiple) exposures

I love my Rolleiflex TLR camera (f/3.5 Tessar, MX-EVS). It was built in post-WWII Germany, 1954 or 1955; I forget exactly which year, but it works as though it was built yesterday. Even so, it is subject to the elements. In extremely cold temperatures the shutter-release button will freeze, sometimes in as quickly as a few minutes, and it can be difficult to advance the film. Then your brain freezes and you forget whether or not you've advanced the film. Twice I double-exposed a frame accidentally, but both times with surprisingly pleasing results. You don't really need to worry about this unless it is maybe negative 15 degrees Celsius or colder.

Both of these exposures are from eastern Siberia.

[After speaking with Harry Fleenor, who serviced the camera in January 2011, before these photos were taken, I learned it is possible to double-expose a frame on the Rolleiflex Type V Automat MX-EVS, so the double exposures may not have been weather-related, and probably weren't, although I can confirm the shutter release will freeze in extreme cold: ~ negative 20-30 degrees Celsius.]