Red Square and Kremlin; Moscow, Russia

Today was my first full day in Moscow, and fortunately it is not all as ugly as the area around the train station. There is a lot of beauty near Red Square and the Kremlin, especially the onion domes of the famous and adjacent Saint Basil's Cathedral.

I also visited Mosfilm, which I've heard is the oldest and largest film studio in Europe. I went only to visit the pro photography lab, where I dropped off somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 rolls of film to get developed. Most of the film is black and white, 35mm; however, there are a few color rolls, and also some medium format (both black and white, and color).

The hostel where I am currently staying does not have any vacancy starting in three days, but I need to be in Moscow for at least another week, probably more like 10 days, before my negatives are finished. Fortunately I racked up an ungodly amount of hotel reward points thanks to years of American Express loyalty, so instead of finding another hostel and sleeping in another bunk bed on a twin mattress in a room full of mostly European strangers, starting in a few days I'll spend five nights for free at what I imagine is a five-star hotel on the front steps of the Kremlin. It is called Hotel National, and it looks amazing. If it is not a five-star affair, it is at least nice enough where the entire staff has to be really nice to you at all times, even though they are Russian.