Pobeda ("Victory") Gallery; Moscow, Russia

Pobeda Gallery is a small contemporary photography gallery next to the Moscow River, near the embarrassingly large Peter the Great Statue, which is more than twice the height of the Statue of Liberty and at least four times as ugly. It is as big of an eyesore as you can imagine. It was unveiled only in 1997, and it would not be hard to imagine the statue being a subtle insult against Peter.

But back to Pobeda. The gallery currently features the first-ever exhibition of Georgian photography in Moscow. There were maybe 100 photos from six artists, the most impressive of whom, in my opinion, was Guram Tsibakhashvili (Гурам Цибахашвили).

The photos from at least one or maybe two of the artists felt as though they were there, perhaps, because there aren't just enough quality Georgian photographers to fill a gallery, but the dozen or so works from Tsibakhashvili could have carried the exhibition by themselves. The vintage prints were combined with mixed-media political statements regarding the Caucasus.

The gallery itself was great: tough to find, but easy to consume (only two rooms) and free.