Multimedia Art Museum (formerly Moscow House of Photography)

The former House of Photography features multimedia exhibits in the lobby, which I suppose is why they changed the name of the museum to the Multimedia Art Museum.

There were some animated film dioramas that were so very cool. I don't even know how to describe them other than to say, Imagine the lame dioramas at any natural history museum, then add really cool animated motion-picture displays and sound, and maybe a Soviet theme or two.

During my visit the museum featured an extensive gallery of Fellini: photographs of Fellini, film clips of Fellini's work, personal effects, fan letters, and I think some paintings and sketches done by the director. There may have also been some photographs taken by Fellini. I don't remember exactly.

I don't have much interest in Hollywood or cinema culture, and I really don't know anything about Fellini. I'm not even sure if I have ever seen one of his films (probably not) so I was not really blown away by the exhibit, but I was very impressed with the museum itself.