Moscow Pushkin Drama Theatre: "The Gronholm Method"

Last night I attended a theatre production of "The Gronholm Method," a Russian interpretation of Catalan playwright Jordi Galceran's "El mètode Grönholm."

I didn't know any of this last night. All I knew was that I wouldn't understand any of the dialogue, that the title of the play translated to "The Gronholm Method," and that its premise was four job applicants being compelled to compete against each other and do strange things to land only one job. Or something like that.

I understood a bit of the Russian here and there, and ironically the first words I understood (besides yes and no) was when a character said, "I do not understand." I have probably said those same Russian words more than any others in the past six weeks.

I had less trouble following the storyline than I did at the ballet, and although it would be a stretch to say I knew exactly what happened, I feel as though I have a pretty good idea just from paying attention to the stage, the props, the body language, and turns of event made obvious even without language. I'd be interested to see the production in English.

The Russian crowd enjoyed the performance, and I would recommend the Pushkin Theatre even for those who don't speak Russian. It is tiring to spend two hours watching stage theatre in a different language, but also rewarding if you can sit still for that long (no intermission).