Moscow Metro (vs. Moscow Taxis)

Moscow's metro system serves somewhere between five and 10 million people per day. It is remarkably efficient, and my favorite part is that you pay a set fee no matter where you are going, which means you never have to explain yourself or struggle buying the correct ticket. Just buy a ticket and transfer as much as you need to transfer. Of course it is color-coded, like any metro, and the station names are written in Cyrillic and also transliterated into English. You almost never have to wait for a train. More often than not a train will arrive within 30 seconds of you reaching the platform, and in more than two weeks and probably two-dozen rides I don't think I've ever had to wait longer than two or three minutes, and definitely never as long as five.

Don't mess with Moscow taxis. Unless you speak decent Russian they will be expensive and too much of a hassle. If you must take a taxi, have a Russian friend negotiate the price in advance.