Moscow Flea Market: Izmaylovskaya Market

Today I visited one of Moscow's first forays into capitalism, the Izmaylovskaya flea market.

Izmaylovskaya (Измайловская) Market, which is easily found after exiting the Partizanskaya (Партизанска) metro station, not, as you might think, the Izmaylovskaya station, is the best place I've found in Moscow for gifts. There is junk, like anywhere else, but also quality goods at fair prices. Today as soon as I arrived there was a surprise hail storm, and the outdoor market, which is already beautiful with its narrow wooden aisles, was even cooler with hail storming down.

There are matryoshka dolls (a.k.a. babushka dolls or Russian nesting dolls), chess sets, Orenburg shawls (the hair from Orenburg goats is the thinnest in the world, thinner even than mohair or cashmere apparently, and because the goats require a certain climate they can be bred only in Orenburg, which is on the Ural River near the border of Kazakhstan), amber and emerald jewelry, and of course being Russia it is always easy to find Soviet military relics, knives and winter hats.