Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, Moscow

The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, like Pobeda Gallery, is also located on the Moscow River near the eyesore Peter the Great statue. When I visited there were exhibits featuring photography from Danil Golovkin and Anton Lyalin.

Danil Golovkin takes large-format photographs of beauty and glamour, all manufactured shots, nothing spontaneous. They were pretty to look at, on the surface, but overall felt pretty vapid. Pretty people doing pretty things put together with a big budget.

Anton Lyalin produced a series of wildlife photographs from Africa. They were also large format, or at least medium format (probably a mixture of both). They were really pretty incredible, but you can only look at so many closeups of wild animals before you feel like you've landed in the pages of another National Geographic magazine. He's actually so talented that I think his exhibit suffers from his own talent. He makes it look too good, too easy.

The Lumiere Center is located in a former chocolate factory, and in addition to the gallery there is also a small library of photography books, and of course a cafe. I sat in the library for a while and read a couple books about Henri Cartier-Bresson.

I found this place by accident while looking for the Pobeda Gallery, which took me about four hours, on two different attempts over the course of three or four days, to find. If you're looking for the Pobeda Gallery in Moscow, your best bet is to visit the Lumiere Center first, and just ask them. They're pretty much neigbhors, all things considered.