Bolshoi Ballet: Tchaikovsky's "Sleeping Beauty "

A couple nights ago I went to the Kremlin Palace to see the Bolshoi Theatre's production of Sleeping Beauty. It was beautiful, sure, but long, and honestly I had trouble following the story. I kept getting distracted by all the prancing.

I get the impression the Kremlin is pretty much the most important building in Moscow, and I figured if there is one place you are not allowed to smoke indoors it would be the Kremlin Palace during the ballet. But nope, feel free to smoke away, folks. Fortunately it was only in the foyer, but what kind of culture doesn't allow children to use the restroom without first having to walk through dozens if not more than a hundred smokers, and thick clouds of uncirculated smoke?

Visiting the ballet in Moscow is cheap by comparison: 300 rubles gets you in the building, and 500 rubles got me a fantastic seat on the ground floor only 50 rows back from the stage. I'm glad I went, but I really don't think ballet is my thing. I figure if I can pass on one of the world's most renowned ballet companies, I can probably go the rest of my life without seeing another ballet. To me there just doesn't seem to be that much diversity in the dance: prance, prance, prance, expressive face, more prancing, ballerina feigns feinting, more prancing, and so on.