Tea made with carbonated water, OK; and, other related snack notes

To teach myself a lesson that it always helps to pay attention, I forced myself to drink tea made with carbonated water instead of buying new bottled water that wasn't carbonated, despite the fact that bottled water here is absurdly cheap. On a side note, it amazes me (same thing in Korea actually) how many iconically American snack items (e.g. Coca-Cola or Snickers) are cheaper abroad than they are at home, or at worst, no more expensive. I've seen cans of Pepsi in vending machines for less than fifty cents in Korea, and here in Russia you can get a full liter of Coca-Cola for less than what you'd pay for a 20-ounce bottle at home.

Carbonated-water black tea actually wasn't too bad, but it certainly wasn't better.