Russian safety, an addendum: Safety Icons

My comrade Dmitry informed me that I failed to mention the most important advancement in Russian safety technology in at least two or three hundred years: safety icons for automobiles.

While in Vladivostok, traveling to Artyom with Dmitry and Russia, they told me about these safety icons, which Dmitry estimates maybe 15 percent of Russians use instead of seatbelts. They are religious icons that you stick to the console or dashboard, and in the event of a crash they keep you safer than seatbelts, which thanks to safety icons are no longer necessary.

Fortunately it's not like there are many accidents in Russia. The roads are great, pristine conditions, conscientious drivers, etc: This morning I woke to an accident outside my window, and I think it is probably the fourth or fifth car crash I've encountered in less than two weeks here. But in all fairness you can't really blame the Russians; these roads are pretty crazy.