Photos from Fukuoka, Japan

Here are some photos from my recent trip to Fukuoka, Japan; these were developed yesterday in Russia for only 30 rubles (approximately $1) and then scanned for the Internet.

I know nothing of these characters individually, and unfortunately I also know nothing of their collective meaning; this is the entrance to Sumiyoshi Shrine, looking back toward the street:

Big brother bear-hugged younger brother and lifted him onto the bike:

Almost everyone in Fukuoka rides a bike, and street theft is uncommon in Japanese culture; I saw hundreds if not thousands of bikes parked on the street, but only one bike lock:

On the ferry from Korea to Russia, I shared a cabin with two used-car dealers, young Russian guys who purchase Korean cars and resell them in Russia; that really has nothing to do with my next comment: I've been told the Japanese have a reputation for taking good care of their vehicles, evidenced in part by this VW Beetle seen not too far from Sumiyoshi Shrine:

This is from my seat at the excellent Ramen restaurant about which I wrote:

I love my girlfriend's legs: