Latest advancements in Russian technology

I was fortunate enough to recently visit Soviet-era military barracks that today are apartments for regular Russian folks: students, old people, other people who don't fall into such specific categories, et al.

I was able to go inside an apartment, which was not entirely unlike the apartment where I stayed in Vladivostok; however, the technology was far beyond what I experienced in Vladivostok, where Dmitry and Alexei still use a traditional litterbox for their cat. Here in Irkutsk they use something called a Russian litterbox: This is the spot on the floor where the cat shits, and it collects there until you decide to wipe it up.

In other news, I held the door open for an old Russian woman, who broke Russian tradition by responding with, Спасибо (Thank you) instead of staring straight ahead and pretending that the door opened itself. It is believed that shortly thereafter the old woman and her family were detained by secret police and whisked away to a secret Russian reeducation camp.