Jungang-dong, Jung-gu; Busan, South Korea

Yesterday was essentially my final night in South Korea. Today I'll take a ferry from the port in Jugang-dong, Jung-gu in Busan ("dong" is similar to neighborhood, and "gu" is similar to district) to Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, which is on the southernmost island of Japan.

I'll spend four nights in Japan before returning Sunday morning to Korea via ferry, at which point I'll take a mostly local (i.e. slow) train from the southernmost port city of Busan, north toward Donghae, another port city in Korea. I'll arrive in Donghae late Sunday night, and Monday I'll take a long-haul ferry to Russia. The trip should take the better part of two days.

My final day in Korea was spent helping teach some English classes to elementary school children, a few of whom displayed for me their impressive Taekwondo skills. Taekwondo is the national sport here in Korea, and if the kick I caught to the forearm were delivered a year or two later, I'm pretty sure that seven-year-old would've broken my forearm.

Interesting note about age in Korea: The day you are born, you are one year old, and everybody "changes age" on the same day (January 1) so if you're born on Christmas Day, for example, a week later you're already two years old. So the seven-year-old who delivered that forearm kick is actually eight years old in Korea, and I am 34, not 32 (August, 1978).