Ferry Terminal; Donghae, South Korea

For a few brief seconds this morning, I thought I might be arrested or at least detained for loitering on military property. I was trying to find the passenger ferry terminal in Donghae, but instead accidentally wandered onto a heavily defensed but poorly guarded military port facility, which was fine, because, hey, accidents happen; but on my way out, after being given directions to the correct ferry terminal, I loitered near the exit, and actually briefly wandered back onto the base to take a few photographs of what appeared to be the gatehouse dog (although there were no guards at the outer gatehouse at that early hour). The port polife officer who had helped me about five minutes earlier, about half a kilometer away, told me in a stern tone to wait right there while he parked his car, got out, and insisted on practicing his English to tell me the same thing he'd told me just minutes earlier. I had complimented his English, and I'm pretty sure he was just looking for an excuse to use it again. Not willing to push my luck any further, I put the camera away, thanked him, and made my way to the correct ferry terminal. There is free Internet here, along with free computers to use, thankfully, because there is not much else. After all day yesterday on the ferry and train, and this morning wandering deserted streets, I haven't had a proper meal since Saturday night in Japan. It is now late Monday morning. My best bet is to wait until evening when I'm on the ferry, and cross my fingers that Russian food is better than its reputation.