Busan Tower; Busan, South Korea

Busan Tower in South Korea is like any major metropolitan city tower: a whole lot of concrete and municipal ego. Our tower is bigger than your tower, and our city spreads farther and wider than yours. That's not to say the view from Busan Tower isn't phenomenal, though, because it is.

The view from Busan Tower makes it clear just how important the port city of Busan is to the economy of South Korea. It is one of the oldest cities in all of Korea, I've been told.

This photo is from the base of the tower. On this day the weather was below freezing; however, Korean women love short skirts and high heels (many men also wear heeled shoes to boost their height) regardless of the weather. It would not be uncommon in three inches of snow to see a woman wearing four-inch heels and what looks like a five-inch miniskirt.