Busan, South Korea

My first few days in Busan have been relatively uneventful. I visited a local dentist yesterday for a teeth cleaning. I'm happy to report my teeth are now very clean, and my bank account is happy I didn't get it done in San Francisco at roughly three times the cost. Today I went to Costco. It was pretty much exactly like the Costco in your neighborhood.

Actually, I do have one good story from Busan so far: I went to get a haircut at what I thought was a barbershop. It ended up being a front for a brothel. I got suspicious when the barber pole led me to stairs descending into a basement, where instead of a barbershop I found a dingy and dark basement manned by a mamasan eager to take my money.

Tonight I am going to dinner with some local American and Canadian girls who live in Busan teaching English.