Vegan food in Taipei

Traveling almost anywhere from California usually results in disappointment when looking for vegan or vegetarian options, since almost everywhere lacks the quality and options of California; but Taipei has an impressive selection of vegan and vegetarian restaurants, because so many Taiwanese practice Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, or some combination of the above mixed with local folk religions. I had been warned that more traditional vegan restaurants in Taiwan avoid garlic and spices, so for the most part I avoided those places in favor of spicier options with more flavor.

Vege Creek. Probably my favorite place to eat in Taipei. Build your own meal from scratch. My only knock on Vege Creek is that most of the vegetables you choose are packaged in plastic.

Vegan noodle dish from a local restaurant near Jiantan MRT (or maybe Shilin MRT). Fresh but almost no flavor. Incredibly hot temperature. Difficult to enjoy.

Herban Kitchen and Bar strikes me as a place almost certainly owned by a foreigner. Decent beer selection, high prices, hit or miss quality, but fantastic vegan burger.

Miss Green. Surprisingly good, or even great (considering it was inside a mall). 100% vegan.

Tofu scramble from Herban Kitchen and Bar. It was supposed to be spicy but instead was dull. I didn't see any jalapeños and certainly didn't taste any heat.

More from Vege Creek.