Gracias to La Entrada to Copan Ruinas

The roads from Gracias to La Entrada and onward to Copán offer panoramic views of western Honduras. Forests, birds, butterflies. Mountains, rivers, lakes, and valleys. Turkey vulture resting on a roadside fencepost, with cattle and horses on the hills and roads.

Gracias, Honduras. 

Honduras, I believe still Gracias.

Local bus from Gracias to La Entrada. 100 lps.

Gracias, Honduras. I tried to take a selfie with the soldiers but just a bit too slow as our bus passed on through. Decent military presence on the roads in Honduras but mostly they've been pretty hands off the local buses I've ridden. At the next roadblock, between San Juan de Opoa and Santa Rosa de Copán we saw police removing a stiff corpse from the road, maybe a victim of violence or more likely just another moto wreck. 

Wrecked truck and two guys doing who knows what. 

Veracruz, Honduras. 

Half an hour to kill and made some friends in La Entrada, Honduras.

Coconut water with coconut meat. 10 lps. Florida, Honduras.

Cattle roadblock in Florida, Honduras. 

Two boys and a schoolbag in San Antonio, Honduras. 

Local soccer league in Copán Ruinas, Honduras.

Local soccer league in Copán Ruinas, Honduras.

Over-forty fútbol in Copán Ruinas, Honduras. This shorter catracho got worked over for at least three goals in the first half, just can't reach the top of the goalpost.  

Boy looks for a runaway ball. 

Runaway dog on the field.