Palenque, Mexico

Immediately upon arriving in Palenque, I met an Israeli couple: artists/actors/writers. We ate pizza and talked for hours while, in the background, music was played and TV shows filmed. 

Palenque's jungle scene is an interesting place: Russian LSD, eccentric Europeans. I guess that's really it. But finding Russian LSD in the jungle seems a bit odd. I did not try the Russian LSD. 

I also did not try any of the many, many mushrooms for sale. Lots of hallucinogens in the Mexican jungle apparently. I had no idea what I was getting into when I chose to visit Palenque. I chose it with five minutes preparation. I woke up, heard there was a bus leaving Guatemala for Mexico, and I said, Fuck it, why not, I'm going to Mexico today. Then I messaged HH to let her know not to worry if she didn't hear from me for a few days.