Buses in Belize

Buses in Guatemala are fairly easy albeit a wild journey with too many people and too many miles per hour, despite not actually traveling that many miles per hour; buses in Belize are incredibly easy, with really just a one road running north to south and another east to west, with everything meeting in Belmopan. It's a cheap and easy way to get around the country.

The bus approaching the junction for Hopkins. I hitchhiked from the junction to Hopkins the day prior, and caught the morning bus to Belmopan the following morning before heading onward to San Ignacio. 

I had this bus drop me off at the side of the road a few miles from Xunantunich, so I could play a round of disc golf at what I was told was the first and only disc golf course in Central or South America. The course itself was just OK, but I hadn't played in more than a year so I was quite happy, plus I nearly aced a hole. I shot four under par for nine holes, but I may have taken a mulligan or two.