Approaching the Belizean coast by boat. 

Punta Gorda, Belize, not exactly Macau.

Sargassum in Placencia, which sometimes makes its way from Belize to the Honduran coast. I've been told by local captains, a few months earlier but in the same spot where I took this photo, that if you see seaweed drifting offshore, it's a good place to look for cocaine and marijuana that's been abandoned by mules, because it all just sorta clumps together in the ocean. Another guy told me he found 20kg of cannabis once, but it was too moldy to be worth anything. One guy said he used to work a route between Belize and Mexico, but their boat was too slow to take any found drugs. Belizeans love to chat.

John the Bakerman will bake you some cinnamon rolls, or coconut bread. Placencia, Belize.

HH asked me to take a selfie but it was just too fucking sunny and hot to be fully exposed. Waiting for the bus from Placencia to Dangriga, but I ended up hopping off early in Hopkins because I'd heard that it was Hopkins Day.