HH tried snorkeling for the first time, and over the past few days we've been four times: first off the dock, then the south side of Half Moon Bay, Black Rock in West Bay, and then back to Half Moon Bay to snorkel the north side near the submarine. Off the dock we saw a sea star, trunkfish, and West Indian sea eggs in the turtle grass. South side of Half Moon Bay was mostly parrotfish, damselfish, lettuce coral and brain coral, blue tang, and maybe a lobster or two. Black Rock gave us some Caribbean reef squid and big barracuda, her first taste of something a bit more sinister. There were also blue parrotfish, filefish, schools of blue tang, lots of surge, and some jellies. No turtles or rays. By the submarine on the north side of Half Moon Bay we found a green moray that I'd guess was about six feet. Kinda scary looking but that's just how they breathe, I told her. She loves it.