Renegade diving with Danish Martin and Colorado John

In 35 days on the island, I didn't really take any time for myself. I worked at the shop every single day, not because I had to be there daily but because I loved being there daily; however, I did take one morning for myself, to dive with Martin and John. I wanted a break from babysitting other divers. I wanted to dive with my friends and explore something unexplored. 

We hired a taxi to drop us off at this keyhole, and then wait for a couple of hours until we returned. None of us had ever been diving at this spot, so we had no idea what to expect. Within minutes of breaking through the surge, we found a wreck, and after swimming for another five minutes or so, we found the reef wall via a swim-through at about 50 feet. We dropped down 100 feet on the wall, maybe a bit deeper, and as we ascended to maybe 75 feet we stumbled upon a curious, free-swimming, green moray eel who seemed intent on following Martin closely. I love seeing green morays, but I'm never too thrilled when they follow me closely. 

When we came back over the top of the reef, I lost my way. I was convinced that we needed to swim north to find our entry point on the shore, but Martin insisted we swim south. We had agreed beforehand that Martin would lead the dive, so we listened to Martin, which worked out well because he was right and I was wrong. Plan your dive, and dive your plan. 

Diving a keyhole on the south side of Roatán, Bay Islands, Honduras.