One of my most memorable dives

I didn't take a camera with me to Roatán because I was focused on my training; but, from time to time, like with this dive when I was nearly finished my training, we took a camera along and fucked around. It's kinda fun to take photos while wearing sunglasses at the bottom of the ocean. Mental note, though: I probably shouldn't leave my sunglasses on the bottom of the ocean. Hopefully there is a turtle somewhere on the reef rocking some blue shades.

Before diving Bikini Bottom, with Denisa and Bryan; Roatán, Honduras.

At the beginning of our dive, clowning around at Bikini Bottom; Roatán, Honduras.

Denisa and Bryan wanted me to take a photo of Denisa holding Bryan upside-down by his head; but, fuck that, I took a selfie instead.

I'd never seen this before: Two turtles getting in a bit of a scrap on the reef, with one chasing the other away from his elongated flower coral; the French angelfish are always loitering around turtles to pick up the coral scraps.