Diving deep in search of hammerhead sharks

While on the boat with Tom Tom, I overhead him say he was going to dive deep in search of hammerheads, off the wall at Blue Channel. The dive boat was light, so I weaseled out of my responsibilities and got the OK to tag along in search of hammerheads. 

Tom Tom brought an extra tank with an emergency regulator, in addition to his primary and secondary, something that I probably should have had as well, given that we were diving deep. I won't say how deep, but deep. We stayed close together and fortunately didn't run into any problems.

But we did run into a hammerhead shark: deep, off the wall, silhouetted in the blue. Hammerheads aren't especially rare while diving, if you know where to look, but they are rare in Roatán. I've been lucky enough to see two (in about 200 dives on the island) but I know some people, Tom included, who have done hundreds and hundreds of dives on the island without ever seeing a hammerhead shark. When we saw the shark, and Tom saw it first, I quite literally heard Tom scream with excitement underwater. Scared the fuck out of me. When you're diving hella deep, and you hear someone scream? Made my heart stop. But then I turned around and saw the hammerhead, and for the rest of the dive and the rest of the day we both had smiles on our face. I've never seen Tom Tom as happy as after that dive.

Post-dive celebratory Salvas with Tom Tom! I love, love, love seeing sharks in the wild.